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Each video is timeless, whenever you reach a channeled message that applies to you, then take heed of its messages. 
Not every part of the message will resonate with everyone. In that case, It is best to take what fits and leave the rest. If the message does not resonate with you at all, it may be time for you to check your specific zodiac reading. You can find the zodiac readings channel listed in the members area.  Also keep in mind that energies are interchangeable and a channeled message may speak more to the people and situations around you than directly to you. So, flip-flop roles as you see fit in reference to your situations and circumstances.

For further insight and sacred wisdom, you can find sacred teachings in the Lesson category. There, I share sacred wisdom on a variety of life topics specific to the channeled message found here. If you're interested in advancing in life spiritually and physically, feel free to book a private session.